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Claims & Dispute Resolution | CostPro

Claims & Dispute Resolution

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a commercially strategic approach to claims, defences and dispute resolution. This means that we can go much further than most legal based claims consultancies that simply do not understand the commercial options available to our clients based on our findings, assessment, and evaluation of their claim/defence.

Last year, we represented our clients in 1 Arbitration, 5+ Adjudications, and 20+ claims/defences. Our consultant team have been engaged in a variety of dispute scenarios including; final account disputes, wrongful termination, incorrect Project Manager Assessments, extensions of time, Variation/Compensation Event entitlement… etc.

We offer in depth investigations into potential claims and disputes and ascertain the key facts and evidence required to prepare and resolve construction claims. The reason CostPro have an extremely successful record of achieving success in a claim (or defence of a claim) is our honesty and realistic interpretations of the research and investigations we carry out on the facts and evidence.

Preparation of Claims / Defence

Dispute Resolution


Dispute Resolution


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