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Delay Analysis

Often the most significant unanticipated costs on a construction project are the financial impacts associated with delays. Determining the cause and understanding the damages due to delay and disruption can be complex, time consuming, and can achieve mixed results. Our forensic delay analysts are experienced with the variety of legally and industry accepted delay analysis methods. These methods provide the analysis necessary to effectively evaluate the effects of the delay, as well as the true financial impact to the project.

To complement the delay analysis, our scheduling consultants work with our commercial consultants to determine the financial impact of the delay. 

We are fully experienced in all methods of critical path delay analysis, we utilise the most suitable method to suit the particular situation taking account all of the imposing factors.

Perform Earned Value and project specific reporting that measures against the KPI’s (key performance indicators), key milestones & production rates (planned vs actual)

Undertake a review of the facts and evidence

Carry out an As-Planned vs As-Built Analysis, or Time Impact Analysis, or other methodology as suitable

Programme monitoring, updating, re-baselining and project support

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