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Farncombe to Petersfield (F2P) Re-signalling Programme


Our client Octavius began the first phase of construction on the Farncombe to Petersfield (F2P) re-signalling programme, part of the Portsmouth Upgrade Scheme to renew and place life expired signalling systems between 2020-2023. Octavius is Network Rail’s principal contractor delivering the £10 million package of civils elements to complete the final stages.

"The much needed upgrades to the old signalling system will allow safe movement of trains and improve reliability of the railway route. The civil engineering works facilitate the whole programme: they include piling to install signal posts, signposts, signal gantries and power pillar bases. Also, installing distributer network operators supply bases, cable routes and under track crossing and under road crossings (conduits that carry cables from side of the area to another) across various locations along the railway route."

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CostPro tasks include assessment of Compensation Events, and the provision of commercial advice in order to achieve agreement thereof.

Farncombe to Petersfield (F2P) Re-signalling Programme






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