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Water Treatment Plant & Data Centre


After two years of construction work, Google, together with Fredericia Municipality, inaugurated its new data center at Taulov, which has cost over half a billion GBP to build and employed several thousand in the construction process.

The data center at Fredericia is CO2-neutral from day 1. This is due to the fact that Google, at the same time as the data center, has invested in five solar parks around the country with a total capacity of 160MW. 

This more than offsets the entire electricity consumption of corresponding green power from solar cells. The data center in Fredericia is one of the greenest in the world measured by the number of hours of direct green power.

CostPro's role was to provide advice and support on the Procurement of the main contractor (including maintainor and operator) for construction of the Water Treatment Plant and manage the Request for Price (RFP). The Contract Sum was in excess of $100 million. The procurement of the main contractor was set over two-stages as advised by CostPro.

Water Treatment Plant & Data Centre








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